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Face Plate - SKU MPFP3006WS
Face Plate - Face plate Type Soft Touch
Face Plate - Soft Touch Soft Touch Lime Green
Touchpad - SKU JPF4009WS
Touchpad - Touchpad Type Soft Touch
Touchpad - Soft Touch Soft Touch Black
Backplate - SKU DPFP3017WS
Backplate - Backplate Type Standard (No Paddles)
Backplate - Standard Backplate Rubberized
Backplate - Rubberized Rubberized Green Black
Back Buttons - Customizations Non Reprogrammable
Back Buttons - Button Color Green
Back Buttons - Number of Rear Buttons 2 Buttons
Back Buttons - (1) Green Button Position Left - Standard
Back Buttons - Button Action_5_44_1 O
Back Buttons - (2) Green Button Position Right - Standard
Back Buttons - Button Action_5_46_0 X
Thumb Sticks - SKU P4J1114WS
Thumb Sticks - Thumbstick Type Solid Interchangeable
Thumb Sticks - Solid Interchangeable Lime Green Interchangeable
Hair Triggers - SKU PFMD001
Hair Triggers - Hair Triggers Hair Triggers
Warranty - Warranty Extended 90 Day Warranty
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