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Face Plate - SKU ZPFT1051WS
Face Plate - Face plate Type Graphics
Face Plate - Faceplate - Graphics Glossy Joker HAHAHA
Backplate - SKU YPFP3005
Backplate - Backplate Type Jinx Pro (Custom Paddles)
Backplate - Backplate - Jinx Pro Green Speckled Jinx Pro Paddles
Backplate - Rubberized Green Jinx pro Kit Jinx Pro 4 (4-button paddles)
Thumb Sticks - SKU P4J1106WSJPF5006WS
Thumb Sticks - Thumbstick Type Chrome Interchangeable
Thumb Sticks - Chrome Interchangeable Matte Chrome Red And Black Interchangeable
Thumb Sticks - Accent Rings Enable
Thumb Sticks - Accent Rings Solid Unpainted Lime Green
Hair Triggers - SKU PFMD001
Hair Triggers - Hair Triggers Hair Triggers
_image https://storage.googleapis.com/custom-product-builder/60291973303/orders/jinx-custom-controllers-7100110504119-03KcreL0fHpFRciGBwZPB-CD.png